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WSI Implements Inbound Marketing for Plastic Injection Mold Maker

Posted by Paula Sanderson on Jul 6, 2016 4:27:08 PM

michiana Global mold

Michiana Global MoldWSI Digital Marketing has recently launched full inbound marketing and sales efforts for a manufacturer of plastic injection molds located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Michiana Global Mold, Inc. was founded in 1964, and produces custom plastic injection molds for the plastic and rubber industries. They focus on the automotive, electronics, and consumer parts industries. They specialize in custom, complex, and intricate molds such as automotive fuel components; electrical housing; and decorative consumer parts.


They also offer off-shore mold making capabilities to save up to 40% on the cost of the mold compared to domestically built molds without sacrificing quality.  And they will repair and make engineering changes on all molds, even if they were designed and built elsewhere.

The program includes several inbound marketing tactics such as SEO; consistent blogging optimized for valuable keywords; campaign development and launch with landing pages and CTAs; premium content development; marketing and sales automation; CRM implementation; and paid advertising.    

Some of the concepts we optimized the site and the blogs for include:

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers

Custom Mold Makers

Custom Injection Molds

Prototype Molds

Over the last few months, we have optimized the site; created new SEO pages focused on the most relevant search phrases; launched 4 campaigns; started paid advertising; and began link building.  Even after two months we see impressions have gone from 865 to 4,515; organic traffic has increased by 131% compared to previous period before we started, and they have gotten at least 5 high-quality leads.

Our strategy is to continue creating high-quality on-site blogs optimized for high-value keyword phrases; link building to key site pages; inbound campaigns with premium content generation; and all managed on a marketing automation platform linked to a sales CRM.

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