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Posted by Paula E Sanderson, MS, MBA, EdS on Feb 3, 2015 8:36:00 PM

WSI Digital Marketing

WSI wrote the book on digital marketing!  Seriously, we did and it gives the fundamentals of everything businesses need to know about online marketing. It’s called Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing.

WSI Digital Minds

Each chapter covers a different tactic and is written by a digital marketing consultant who is a subject matter expert on the particular topic. It’s the perfect resource for people and businesses who want to delve into internet marketing. Here is a sampling of some of the chapter titles:

  • The Digital Landscape: Framework and Strategy
  • Landing Page Optimization: It’s About Psychology Not Technology
  • Display Advertising: What You’re Missing
  • The Power of Adaptive SEO
  • Responsive Web Design: The Future

One chapter that I insist all my clients read who are considering new websites or doing an overhaul on existing sites is the one on responsive web design.  Why?

You'll learn that responsive web design is vital to most businesses going forward, even for those who have built mobile versions of their website.

In their latest release of AdWords, Google identified three key elements: location, time and device. Understanding these changes and the impact they could have on your business will allow you to move quickly ahead of your competition.

Responsive design isn’t trivial - here are some considerations:

  • It takes a concertive effort and dedication to make it work perfectly
  • Before diving into responsive development, one must carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks
  • By having common and consistent design for all devices allows the user to have the best possible experience
  • Responsive design is great for generating consumer engagement and can double or even triple conversion rates for various businesses.

This book is available as a free digital download to your Kindle from Amazon or your can buy the paper or hardcover versions. And no bragging but our reviews average 4.5 - 5 stars!

WSI Digital Minds Ebook

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