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Webinar: Gain a Competitive Advantage | WSI Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Paula E Sanderson, MS, MBA, EdS on Feb 3, 2015 5:25:00 PM

Welcome back to WSI's Digital Power Hour webinar series!  Last year, we brought you 11 digital marketing Webinar Competitive Advantagewebinars that provided high-level overviews of specific tactics. In 2015, we'll take a deeper dive into some of the more complex issues of the digital world. All told, there will be 5 webinar sessions, which are scheduled for every second month (beginning with February).

To get the ball rolling on a new season of the Digital Power Hour, we'll take a look at how playing the comparison game can gain you a competitive advantage. Everybody knows there's a lot of noise out there on the Internet, especially when it comes to digital marketing strategy and implementation. It's understandably hard to form a digital marketing strategy when you've got half of the industry saying x tactic is dead while the other half vehemently argues that it's alive and well.

For this month's webinar, we'll help you to really focus on what's going on in your own niche and, more specifically, what your competitors are up to. It's all well and good to have a complete grasp of the digital marketing space, but what if you don't have to? What if you just need to know

a) what tactics work in your niche and
b) how you can do just a little bit more than your competitors?

The expert who will be giving you the rundown on how to gain a competitive advantage by playing the comparison game is Francois Muscat, a leading WSI Digital Marketing Consultant from South Africa. First, Francois will show you how to identify your closest competition and quickly decipher their digital marketing methods. Once you know what your competition is doing, you'll have the blueprint for taking their customers away from them!digital-marketing-agency

Need some help with deciphering the status of your own web presence in your niche to be able to apply what you learn in this webinar to your situation and your strategy to address?  Let us help you with a 30-minute marketing consultation (no charge and no obligation):


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